Specialised Kids Scuba Diving Equipment 

We have carefully selected a range of equipment for all our underwater programs. Our equipment is light weight and designed to be a perfect fit for kids to scuba dive. 

Our BCD’s

Our BCD's are the Aqualung Wave. This BCD comes in small sizes with lots of opportunities to adjust it to ensure the perfect fit. The padded backplate ensures an additional level of comfort for the diver.  

Our Regulators 

We have selected a Tusa regulator for our dive kit. The primary regulator has ben selected as it is a lightweight, small design. All regulators have small mouth pieces ensuring a comfy fit during your dive experience. 

Our Mask and fins

Although we recommend all participants use their own mask, fins and snorkels during dive courses, we do supply high quality Tusa youth mask, fins and snorkels. Tusa use pure crystal silicone, this allows the mask to comfortably fit onto the face to reduce any leaks.

Our Scuba Tanks

We use 8lt Aluminium tanks for all dive experiences. These tanks are lighter and shorter than a standard scuba tank that most divers would be used to using.