Underwater Easter Egg hunt

Last weekend we held our first underwater Easter egg hunt alongside our kids’ scuba program. I had no idea how quick kids could move underwater when chocolate was on offer. We had lots of fun and it was great to see all the kids practising their snorkelling and freediving skills.

After the hunt we ran a PADI Bubblemaker session for our divers. It’s always so great to see kids take their first underwater breaths and know all the amazing adventures that await them as they continue with their diving Journeys.

Ours divers did a great job of mastering their underwater hand signals, with big ok’s from all the kids. In no time we will have them having whole conversations underwater.

We will be running lots more PADI Bubblemaker’s throughout the year and PADI Seal Teams for those divers that want to continue to the next level. Visit our website here for all upcoming events!